Three Line Law Can Reduce Corruption, Poverty in few months And Let Citizens Come To Power

We ask every one to read Three line Law  and Duty of Every Citizen – `SMS-orders to Public Servant`-campaign-method before going to any topic of your interest

0     About author and preface

1     Proposed 3 line law can reduce poverty, corruption, MNC domination in 4 months

2     Why is corruption in US police\courts less than India’s police? – Introduction to RTR

3     More on TCP – the proposed three lined GN

4     Letters to PM, CM, Mayor, Sarpanch, High Court judge

5     Second RRP proposal – Mineral Royalties for Citizens, Military

6     Right to Recall PM, CM aka Prajaa-aadheen PM, CMs

7     Right to Recall Supreme Court judges  aka  Prajaa-aadheen  SCjs

8     Reducing reservation with YES of Dalits , OBCs.

9     RRP proposal to control prices : Prajaa-aadheen RBI Governor

10      Countering elite men-paid-news: by activist-paid-ads and citizen-paid-forced-news.

11      An introduction to my “Prajaa-aadheen Raajaa aka Right to Recall” Group

12      List of important Gazette Notifications and steps RRP proposes.

13      With 4 hrs a week, YOU can help RTR. How? —Virus works in team of one

14      Getting RTR  drafts  in  Gazette  via  USC-Aandolan, not Election  Winning

15      Dear activist – are your actions sufficient, efficient  and clone positive?

16      Dear activist, does your leader oppose giving and explaining law-drafts?.

17      Informing activists about RTR-drafts ; saving movement from pseudo-recallists

18      Why against donations?

19      If  you  have  questions  for  me  or others  on  RTR

20      Promoting Swadeshi, Reducing wrongful MNC-owners’ domination.

21      Reducing Nepotism in Courts : Expel judges , bring in Jury.

22      Improving Police.

23      Reduce inflation, Improve RBI.

24      Improving Military-Industrial complex.

25      En act wealth tax ; repeal VAT,  Service Tax , GST

26      Improving engineering  skills  in  India

27      Imprison, Execute Ministers etc using majority vote

28      Reducing corruption at middle, low places.

29      Prepare against war and reduce crimes: Weaponization of commons

30      Improving Maths, Law,  etc. Education

31      Improving National-ID system

32      Saving Hindus in Bangladesh

33      Reducing Bangladeshies’ inflow, expelling them

34      Solving JK problem

35      Ram Janambhoom i issue; Reducing Govt control over Temples, Mosques

36      Reducing, streamlining Reservations , Reservation for Muslims , Christians

37      Improving specific Civil, Criminal cases.

38      Reducing rapes, sexual harassments, dowry deaths.

39      Improving Law-making in Parliament, Assembly.

40      Right to Recall MP\MLA and Electoral Reforms.

41      Bring black dollars back and reduce black rupees in India.

42      Improving Electricity production and supply.

43      Decreasing petrol import, external debt.

44      Decreasing cow slaughter in India.

45      The Game  of  MNC-pal  (masquerading  as  Janlokpal) and  way out.

46      Two front  war — Weaponization  of  commons  is only way left.

47      Reducing conversions, without  force.

48      Right to Recall Movement in India from 1925 till 2011.

49      Against Duratma Gandhi, Mohanbhai-2 and other time-wasters.

50      RRP’s Membership, Candidate selection etc rules.

51      There may be some drops of blood, if not rivers.

52      If elite men  use  violence :  The  Udham  Singh Non-Violence  Plan.

53      Why dictatorship  or  oligarchy  are  bad  ideas.

54      A possible fate of India if MRCM, RTR etc Laws do not come.

55      Saving IIT-JEE (or re-starting IIT-JEE).

56      Improve Medical Education, Reduce medical costs.

57      Improve Agriculture, reduce use of toxic substances, reduce farmers’ suicides.

58      Reducing riots and terrorism

59      Reducing house prices.

60      Improving Ration card system.

61      Reducing Naxalite problem

62      Improving public transportation and reducing accidents.

63      Reducing Unemployment.

64      Reducing female feticides and infanticide problem.

65      Reducing Love-Jihaad problem.

66      Improving — Moral values , National character and Moral Education

67      Improving other areas – Topics to be elaborated in 310.pdf

68      Dealing with FII/FDI issue

69      Improving other areas – Topics to be elaborated in 310.pdf

70      List- 1 : Enumerated Powers we commons will get  from RRP proposals.

71      List- 2 : Problems and RRP law-draft that would solve them.

72      List- 3 : Differences between proposals of RRP and intellectuals

73      Duty of Every Citizen – `SMS-order to public-servants`

74      Summary of `SMS-orders to public servants` campaign method